Savannah (African)

featured in Lark Publications “500 Handmade Dolls”

featured in American Indian Art magazine

featured in Resident Magazine

Michael F. Treacey CEO Award/ Kern County

California Ceramics, Dolls, & Crafts Guild award

19 1/2”  Seated height

Bouffant sheepskin wig, glass eyes

A vision in primitive art, this contemporary African

wears an asymmetrical striped caftan fashioned

from Nigerian hand-loomed cotton. 

Her jewelry is created from Naga tribe shells, and

beautifully inscribed amber beads. 

Oversized Fulani gold- toned earrings, beaded

bracelets, and primitively hammered brass

ankle cuffs are all decisively African Native-made. 

Savannah holds a colorful folk art straw doll.

 One World collection
* Courtesy of a private collection

“The drums of Africa still beat in my heart.” 

                                            Mary McLeod Bethune