Offered here are photo “Doll Greetings” cards & Bookmarks celebrating the unique artistry of Lynn Cartwright’s one-of-a-kind art dolls.

      “Doll Greetings”
          Greeting cards ( 4” x 6”) with envelopes  (no verse inside)
                        Choose assorted doll photos, or choose your favorite dolls in the pack.

                                          10 pack at $12.50  plus postage
                                          20 pack at $22.50  plus postage

                       Bookmarks (in vinyl sleeves with metallic gold tassels)
                          You choose which doll is featured on the bookmark.

                                       (2 1/2”  x  8” tall in sleeve)
                                       $4.50 each

                                                                         Contact Lynn for detailscontact.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0