Morning Star


I was warmed by the sun, rocked by the winds and sheltered by the trees, as other Indian babes.   

I can go everywhere with a good feeling.”            

                                                      Geronimo,  (Apache)

Morning Star  (Lakota Sioux)

    featured in American Indian Art

   featured in Puppen & Teddy-Beer

   Best of Show

30”  Life size cradle

Here is an exquisite Native-made brain tanned leather cradle bundle with a burst of warm sun colors interpreted in expert porcupine quillwork. 

A quillwork turtle amulet, suspended from the

cradle, signifies the presence of a girl baby.

The morning star motif is a well loved, and

popular historical Native American theme. 

A sculpted sun fish amuses the baby.

 Born in America collection
* Available for sale