One World collection- “Harajuku”

“Kawaii, & Decor are sub-trends of Harajuku style in which the wearer

appears childlike.  Bows, hair clips, and multi- layered apparel are worn.   Participants rarely conform to one particular style, and usually are a playful mesh of Harajuku’s many sub-trends.  Masako embodies this trend.


Masako (means “Proper Child” in Japanese)

    2012 Doty (Doll of the Year) Industry Award

30” Tall 

Human hair,  glass eyes,  fabric torso of flesh-tone

16 oz wool felt with Lynn’s signature appliqued heart;

Her lined silk brocade kimono is accented with a

traditional Asian knot that matches her

Celtic pleated skirt.  

She wears a  hand-knit coordinating shell. 

Masako’s Ugg- style boots are made of fluffy pile fabric.  

The beaded handbag echos the embroidered flowers

in the silk brocade kimono.

* Available for sale

“Man is a genius when he is dreaming.”

                                                          Akira Kurosawa