Kathleen the Irish Lassie
 One World collection

“Ireland is where strange tales begin,  and happy endings  are possible.”      

                                                                                                              Charles Haughey


Kathleen, Irish Lassie

   featured in Puppen & Teddy-Beer

   featured in Resident Magazine

27” Height on an antique 3- legged milking stool;

Synthetic blazing red hair;  hazel green glass eyes

Kathleen’s authentic vintage Irish fisherman

sweater was  hand-knit in Loch Garman, Ireland

of Irish bainin wool yarn.  

A hand-knit variegated heather purple wool

shell peaks from under the Irish cardigan.  

The Loden green reversible skirt was re-

purposed or re-fashioned from a fine quality

vintage English wool cape.

Kathleen’s high top shoes are  sculpted.

Faux Irish heather

* Courtesy of a private collection