One World collection- “Harajuku”

“The world is it’s own magic.”   Shunryu Suzuki



Hoshi means “star” in Japanese

      2012 DOTY (Doll of the Year) Industry Award

      featured in Art Doll Quarterly

      Best of Show/ Kern

31” Tall;  Customized human hair,  glass eyes

Her torso is made of flesh- tone 16 oz wool felt with

Lynn’s signature appliqued heart.

The neoprene jacket has velvet sleeves pierced with

custom stainless steel cone spikes.  

The velvet handbag is adorned with a pewter high relief

sculptured rat handcrafted in  England.

Under her nylon chiffon tiered flounce skirts are

brocade silk undies accented with black rosebuds.

Hoshi’s custom skyscraper platform shoes are partially

Cernit with pine wood soles. 

Her black velvet zip gaiters are artfully studded with nail heads.

         *Available for sale

Harajuku is a fashion phenomenon originating in Tokyo’s Harajuku Station that

has made Japan a global fashion leader.   It is the whimsical, fun-loving clashing of

East and West fashion by Japanese pop culture.  Styles are colorful  and avante-garde, creative, feminine, geisha-inspired, futuristic and fantasy- inspired.   The street is the catwalk.


“Gothic Lolita,  a sub-trend of Harajuku is an edgy re-interpretation of

Victorian style that imparts earthiness, and a perceived sense of danger to the fashion

of this pure and innocent era.   Colors are dark- blacks, dark blues, and  purples. Jewelry

and accessories include religious symbols, coffins, bats, rats, spikes, etc.   

Hoshi is an example of this style trend.