Daughter of Spotted Tail

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Brule Lakota Chief Spotted Tail’s favorite daughter fancied a white soldier at Fort Laramie, and she would often follow him about, dressed in her best enticing attire.    Eventually, her father forbid her from seeing him, and legend has it that she consequently died of a broken heart.      Circa 1875

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture your heart.”    

                                                                                                                  Native American saying

*courtesy of a private collection

Daughter of Spotted Tail

(Ah-ho-appa means Fallen Leaf)

14 1/2” Seated height;  Human hair, glass eyes

Daughter wears a magnificent deer hide dress adorned

with over 200 individual elks’ ivory milk teeth which are

a sign of wealth and status in the tribe.  

There are only two upper ivory milk teeth to each elk. 

These lifelike sculpted elks’ teeth have been oil painted

to simulate traces of dried blood, tartar, and tooth

discoloration from age.  

The sleeve linings and leggings are made of luxurious fur.

Accessories include a sterling silver conch belt, and fully

beaded Shoshone ceremonial moccasins. 

This elaborate hide dress is designed in the Southern

plains style with bold border embellishment laden with

beaded detailing and serrated fringe. 

Oxidized tin cone beads edge the border, and musically

jingle with movement.  

The serrated leather fringe was a popular and practical feature, since it facilitated the drying  process of a garment that may have gotten wet.