“Give thanks to unknown blessings already on their way.”   (Hopi)

  Born in America collection

30” Life size cradle length

Real hair, and glass eyes;

Hand-sculpted colorful lifelike corn cobs and

acorns adorn the magnificent Hupa or Modoc Northern California vintage cradle basket.  

A museum quality Hupa child’s ceremonial

cap, handmade from indigenous native grasses, is proudly worn by the child. 

Beaded moccasins displaying an artful

geometric Native motif are worn.

An embossed sterling silver turquoise

bracelet by well known jewelry fine artist,

Peter Nelson, is worn on baby’s wrist.

* Available for sale

Chir’r’y (means “bear” in Yurok)

   featured in Puppen & Teddy Beer magazine

   featured in American Indian Art magazine