Born in America collection

“Like the grasses showing tender faces to each other,

  thus should we do,

  for this was the wish of the Grandfathers of the World.”          

                                             Native American quote




   featured in American Indian Art magazine

    featured in Resident Magazine

    California Ceramics, Dolls, & Crafts Guild- Best in Show

A life size magnificent Cheyenne Native- made beaded

cradle board;  Glass eyes, real hair;  sculpted corn cob

This fully hand- beaded vintage cradle board was crafted by

a known contemporary Cheyenne Native American artist/

craftswoman in the 1950’s.

The beaded turtle amulet, suspended from the cradle,

traditionally holds baby’s umbilical cord as a spiritual wish

for baby’s long life.  

A turtle signifies the presence of a girl child.

Baby nibbles on a lifelike sculpted corn cob,

wears sterling silver andturquoise Native -made jewelry,

and is surrounded with fur inside the cozy cradle. 

A fur gently frames baby’s face.

* Courtesy of a private collection