Akiak  (Yupik)

   2010 DOTY (Doll of the Year) Industry Award

    featured in Art Doll Quarterly magazine

    featured in Puppen & Teddy-Beer magazine

    featured in Resident Magazine

    featured in American Indian Art

32” Tall;  Human hair, glass eyes 

Akiak wears a sensuous Yupik traditional fur layered

tundra dress with a magnificent hood corona of red fox. 

Bold suede graphic detailing defines the border edge. 

Unseen are Akiak’s full length cozy warm fur leggings.

Her soft musk ox yarn mittens are hand- knit by the artist

in a Native geometric theme.

Akiak’s partially sculpted and laced boots have fur accents.

They simulate popular traditional Native foot gear

worn in Alaska.

In her arms, is a charming vintage museum quality

folk art seal skin doll .


“I think over again my small adventures

My fears, those small ones that seemed so big

For all the vital things I had to get and reach

And yet there is only one great thing

The only thing-

To live to see the great day that dawns

And the light that fills the world.”       (Inuit)

 Born in America collection
* Available for sale